Step Inside My Airplane Home: Living in the Woods for Just $370/Month

airplane home

Ever imagined waking up to the hum of an airplane engine and sipping your morning coffee while seated on the emergency exit row? No, not on an actual flight, but in your very own airplane home. Meet Bruce Campbell, the man who’s made this a reality.

Bruce Campbell: Not Just Your Average Joe

Bruce, a sprightly 73-year-old electrical engineer, doesn’t live in a conventional house or apartment. Instead, he’s taken residence in a Boeing 727 jetliner!

It’s not just about quirkiness, though. He’s got some solid reasons for choosing this airborne abode. Nestled in Hillsboro, a cozy suburb of Portland, Oregon, this jetliner isn’t taking off anytime soon, but the tales of its inhabitant are surely soaring.

What drives a man to live in an aircraft, you wonder? For Bruce, it’s about admiration for the plane’s strong, durable structure. More than that, it’s the sheer design elegance that captures his heart.

He quips, “Living here just gives me that feeling of dignity and fulfillment.” And honestly, who are we to argue when our homes don’t come with overhead compartments?

🏠 From First Class to Living Class

Transforming a jetliner into a place of residence and workspace isn’t a walk in the park. But Bruce’s airplane home is a testament to innovation and adaptability. Inside, the aircraft has undergone quite a transformation.

Gone are the cramped seats and tiny bathrooms. Now, the space boasts of a futon sofa for lounging around or hosting guests, a food service cart repurposed into a pantry, and even a Faraday cage ensuring those radio signals come in crystal clear.

However, it’s not all luxury in the skies. There are a few modern comforts that the plane lacks, but Bruce doesn’t mind. He’s adapted to a lifestyle where ready-to-eat meals rule the roost. After all, who needs a fancy kitchen when you have the thrill of living in an airplane?

The Flight That Never Took Off

Bruce’s journey with his unique home started right after his college graduation. It wasn’t a hasty decision; he had his heart set on a jetliner. “I would’ve loved an intact, fully functional one,” he reflects, but sometimes you have to settle a bit.

The plane he acquired had seen better days and even had some history under its wings. Once owned by the famous tycoon, Aristotle Onassis, this aircraft had stories to tell. From its origins in Greece, it took its final flight to Hillsboro Airport and then made a ground journey to Bruce’s property. Quite the voyage for a stationary home, wouldn’t you say?

Navigating the Airplane Renovation

Every home needs some TLC, and Bruce’s airplane was no exception. It demanded significant restoration. “You won’t believe the rot I found on the left landing gear,” he mentions, emphasizing the challenges he faced.

Yet, his commitment to the vision was unwavering. No amount of repairs could deter him from realizing his dream. And looking at the results, it’s clear that every drop of sweat was worth it.

Up, Up, and… Not Away

Although he’s deeply attached to his current residence, Bruce has bigger dreams on the horizon. “I sometimes feel like I’m in the wrong country,” he confesses.

Places like Japan or New Zealand beckon him. The future might see him execute similar ‘airplane home’ projects in the Land of the Rising Sun. Given his track record, there’s no doubt he’ll soar to new heights there.

To wrap it up, Bruce Campbell’s story reminds us that our homes are more than just brick and mortar. They’re a reflection of who we are, our passions, and our wildest dreams.

Whether it’s a penthouse, a cabin in the woods, or, in Bruce’s case, a Boeing 727, what truly matters is the heart and soul we pour into it. Safe landings, everyone!

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