Matt Malone: The Pro Dumpster Diver

dumpster diver

Imagine having a knack for finding treasure, but instead of looking on sunken ships or hidden caves, you find it in big-box store dumpsters.

That’s the life of Matt Malone, who has turned dumpster diving into a professional venture.

While most people associate dumpster diving with scavenging for food, Malone has set his sights higher and clearer.

He stays far away from food and restaurant trash, focusing instead on potential gold mines like Home Depot, OfficeMax, and Sears.

The discarded items from these stores aren’t just trash; they’re often sellable merchandise that Matt then lists on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist.

Malone’s Significant Finds

You might wonder, just what sort of items can someone find in a dumpster that could be of any value? Well, Malone’s exploits might surprise you. Once, behind a Pier One, he found brand-new tables and computer speakers, still in their boxes, just waiting to be discovered.

Another time, he chanced upon a DeWalt cordless screwdriver, a tool that can fetch over $100 on the market.

And the finds don’t stop there. Commercial LED lights, a Macintosh classic computer, and even ceiling lights have all made their way into Malone’s collection.

Unexpected Finds: Personal Information

Now, not all of Malone’s finds are straightforward items to be resold.

Some are a bit more… unexpected.

For instance, in one of his dives, he came across a discarded Rolodex that, shockingly, contained Donald Trump’s cellphone number.
And, for the skeptics out there, Malone didn’t just let that sit – he took the leap and gave the number a call.

To his astonishment, he briefly interacted with the former US president over the phone!

Malone’s Ethics and Respect in Dumpster Diving

While the idea of dumpster diving might strike some as shady or invasive, Malone operates under a strict code of ethics. He’s not there to make a mess or infringe on private property.

Every site he visits, he ensures he leaves it cleaner than he found it. Moreover, if a property owner ever confronts him or asks him to leave, he complies without hesitation.

His approach is one of respect for others and their property, even if they’ve discarded items he sees value in.

Potential Earnings and Safety Warning

Now, if you’re wondering about the viability of dumpster diving as a profession, Malone’s earnings might give you some insight. From just one night’s finds, he has estimated his earnings to be over $3,000.

But while the potential rewards are high, it’s also important to note the risks. Waste management professionals constantly warn about the dangers of dumpster diving. From sharp objects to hazardous waste, diving into a dumpster is not without its perils.

In conclusion, Matt Malone’s story is a testament to the old saying: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

However, if you’re thinking of following in his footsteps, always be cautious, respectful, and aware of the dangers. Dumpster diving is not for everyone, but for Malone, it’s a profession and a passion.

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