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Welcome to Frugal Boost, your hub of inspiration for leading a more frugal, and more importantly, fulfilling life. I’m Eric, a lifelong devotee to the frugal lifestyle, and my goal is to provide you with practical, accessible tools and advice to empower you to take control of your finances.

Here at Frugal Boost, I believe that financial freedom doesn’t mean cutting out all the fun. Instead, it’s about being mindful of where your money goes, understanding the difference between wants and needs, and prioritizing what truly matters in life. I’m here to help you navigate the journey to a debt-free and financially secure future.

Your daily boost that you’ll find here includes everything from money-saving hacks and frugal living tips, to guidance on avoiding debt, investing, and finding lucrative side hustles. My aim is for Frugal Boost to be your go-to resource for information, inspiration, and motivation to kick-start your journey towards financial independence.

About Eric

I’m the proud frugalist behind Frugal Boost. My entire life, people have jokingly accused me of penny-pinching, something that I take as a compliment. My frugal lifestyle has afforded me the privilege of achieving early-retirement, allowing me to dedicate my time to fiddling around on the internet, and sharing all the frugal knowledge I’ve gained over the years.

My mission? To help you free yourself from the constraints of financial burdens and turn the tables, so you control your money, not the other way around. Through Frugal Boost, I share my tried-and-true tips, insights, and personal experiences, aiming to inspire you to live a more financially savvy and liberating life.

Join me on this journey, and discover how frugality can boost your life. Let’s redefine what it means to be frugal together!

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